Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the team of the Begintask freelancers. The rules and guides ahead are in fact a legal agreement between us and you. Signing up and starting your activity on BeginTask platform, means you accepting these rules.

BeginTask website is an intermediary between project managers and freelancers. Our website includes features that help users (Project managers and freelancers) work together with ease.


How to work with BeginTask

We will sign up you after review your resume and one simple interview with freelancers. Then our clients going to send you a username and password to login to our website.

All freelancers can send their resumes to us and begin working with project managers in no time.

Freelancers can’t work in BeginTask with more than one email. If a freelancer violates this rule, BeginTask can delete his/her account.

BeginTask grant skills to freelancers based on their resume and backgrounds. If any freelancers want to add a skill to their profile, he/she should send his/her request to the website admin.


Working in BeginTask

To complete a project in BeginTask freelancers and project managers are in contact in the website chat section. This section will unlock when the freelancer accepts project managers request.

Project Managers create their requests with price, due date, and skills required. Then the project will be live on BeginTask website and freelancers with related skills can accept it. It’s clear that the project goes to the freelancer which accepts the project first.

Project managers are responsible to manage work and handle any information that freelancers need. To avoid any fraud, our team charge project manager when they want to post their projects. So in the time than freelancers working on projects, the fee is in BeginTask and when project finished, We transfer money to the freelancer's wallet.

When project closed, project managers give feedback to the related freelancers.

Freelancers with 5-star rating, receive a bonus.

Working Rules


Each freelancer is required to deliver the work on the specified date. Projects with instant tag like news, should be delivered on time. If freelancers with any resons can’t complete the project should notify admin less than 1 hours after they accept project. If freelancers complete project after specified due date they will not receive their costs.


The quality of each project is determined by the content of file. If number of errors in the generated article is more than standard, the project manager can cancel the cooperation with the freelancer after giving notice. (If project manager and the freelancer couldn’t solve the issue with each other, BeginTask experts decide).


The cost of each project is determined by the number of words, delivery time, type of project and its sensitivity. It should be noted that the cost of each project is determined by its project manager during the creating of the project.

Canceling the project

After accepting the project, Freelancers can only cancel the project for up to 6 hours. Otherwise, the penalty is considered for Freelancers. Please note that news and projects with an instant tag have only one hour to cancel the time and you need to notify BeginTask’s admins after canceling.

Each freelancer can only have one active project and can only get another project after the project has been delivered.



Project Managers pays project costs to BeginTask when they creating a project task. So freelancers shouldn’t worry about payments since BeginTask transfer money to their wallet balance when they finished the project.

The cost of each project will be added to your account upon completion and can be withdrawn from your account at any time.

Your account number will be received at the time of registration. If you need to change it, please send your request to BeginTask’s admins.

BeginTask transfer money to freelancer’s bank accounts two times in a month

Responsibility and consequences of sending the false bank account information are the responsibility of Freelancer itself, and Begins Task will have no responsibility in this regard.



Project manager and freelancers are required to protect the privacy of individuals and projects. Therefore, each party undertakes that the name of the users and the content of the project will not be published elsewhere.