How join BeginTask?

Membership on the BeginTask platform will only be possible through site administration. After the initial interview and resume review, username and password will be sent to the freelancers via an email.

It should be noted that after membership if you have no activity in BeginTask for more than a month, your account will be automatically deleted.

How much we can trust BeginTask payments?

One of the freelancers’ biggest problems is payment. There are a lot of unreliable project managers that don’t pay on time. We have seen this problem and created a solution. On the BeginTask website, project managers must pay the project cost when they creating a project. Thus the freelance fees will be reserved in BeginTask account before the start of the project.

As soon as each freelancer completes its work and is approved by the project manager, the cost will be transferred to the Freelancer wallet. Freelancers can view their wallet balance in My Profile section and send us a request whenever they wish to transfer money.

After sending the request, money gonna transfer within 3 working days.

Is there a possibility to increase the payment amount?

Yes. One of Begintasks features is rate and comment. If freelancers ratings are close to the 4 stars, they will be encouraged financially and non-financially. For example, it is possible to accept several projects simultaneously or to assign projects with a higher cost to them.

Can I cancel a project?

Yes. Freelancers may not be able to do the project for many reasons. In normal projects, freelancers should notify project managers within a maximum time of 3 hours after they accept the project. Obviously, if the freelancer cancels the project near the time of due date, he/she will be fined. This time is just 1 hour for a project with the urgent badge.

If a freelancer cancels projects too much, BeginTask will not be able to continue working with him/her.

Is it possible to accept multiple projects simultaneously?

Usually, no freelancers should complete a project, and the accepts the other one. But if the freelancer is trusted by the BeginTask and can acquire a good rating in our platform, we allow them to work on more than one project simultaneously.

What can I do if I can’t deliver the project on time?

If you accept a project and for any reason couldn’t deliver it on time, first of all, inform the project manager about this problem in the workroom section. It’s better to solve the problem with the project manager. But if the delay in the delivery of the project is repeated several times but the freelancers, he/she will be fined by BeginTask.